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Do you have a quilt top or panel that needs to be finished? Hampton United’s UCW Quilters are willing to hand-finish your quilt top or panel. Call the church office for more information.

Team “Hampton United Church” did it! On February 25, our fourteen-strong team braved the chilly late afternoon temperatures and walked a 2km loop in Hampton to support Coldest Night of the Year (Outflow Ministry). Thank you everyone for helping to make this happen! Thank you Mary for leading us in prayer, and thank you Doug for providing bottled water and cookies at the end of the walk. Thank you to everyone who made donations to support our CNOY team, “Hampton United Church”. Donations stand at $1055 which is more than one and a half times our $700 goal. This is truly wonderful! Let’s be ever mindful of those in need and continue to support them with our prayers and our actions!